Mobile marketing trends are promising in the Middle East

mobile marketing trends

The Arab world has shown that this channel is extremely promising and should not be underestimated.

A new report that has recently been released regarding the Saudi Arabian market by the marketing and communications company OTS has revealed that mobile marketing trends are showing important promise within this region and that the channel’s impact should not be underestimated.

The number of cell phone subscribers within that region is now closing in on the 400 million mark.

Therefore, these mobile marketing trends suggest that any entrepreneurs or companies that have any interest in doing business in the Middle East should make certain that they will be prepared to work some level of smartphone and tablet compatibility into their advertising and promotions, said the report.

The mobile marketing trends in that area are not only considerable now, but they are forecasted to explode very soon.

mobile marketing trendsWithin that region, smartphone penetration is more pronounced now than it has ever been before. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of users who are receptive to receiving advertising and promotional communications from companies and brands that they know and trust.

Further interesting data that was revealed by the study includes the following:

• 31 percent of people in Egypt average more than three daily smartphone sessions online. Another 20 percent access the internet on the device 2-3 times per day and 25 percent average once per day.
• 59 percent of people in Saudi Arabia access the internet on their smartphones multiple times every day, with 13 percent doing so 2 to 3 times per day and 13 percent doing so once.
• 59 percent of people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use the internet on a smartphone several times daily, while 13 percent use it 2 to 3 times per day and 13 percent use it once.
• In Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, 46 percent of consumers had used their smartphone for obtaining product information, 24 percent had visited a retailer’s website on the device, and 57 percent would not recommend a business if it had a poor mobile website.

This data provides insight into the importance of the mobile marketing trends in the middle east and the potential impact that it could have on a company’s success in that region.

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