Some mobile marketing tactics are effectively reaching millennials

teen women mobile marketing tactics

A recent survey has helped to provide insight into what people aged 14 to 29 years like in ads.

Verve Mobile has released the results of a survey they conducted on the “perfect” mobile marketing tactics. The idea was to better understand what is appealing to people between the ages of 14 and 29 years of age. This demographic is otherwise known as millennials.

The millennials are currently the largest generation, being made up of more than 75 million Americans.

As a result, millennials hold a great deal of power as consumers. The recent study therefore looked into what people within that group consider to be the “perfect” kind of mobile marketing tactics. Naturally, there were a wide variety of answers. However, it was focused enough to provide marketers with some interesting insight into the way they might want to approach smartphone advertising.

Nearly half the participants in the survey preferred mobile marketing tactics that could be saved.

teen women mobile marketing tacticsThese participants wanted to be able to save the mobile ads that interested them so they could access them later. While some have speculated that this is because millennials have a shorter attention span, others have disagreed. The very nature of mobile devices means that certain mobile advertisements may arrive when a different activity is being performed. This may be while the device user is on the go.

Therefore, just because an ad has been presented to the mobile device user, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she has the time or interest to view it at that moment. It makes sense that they should want to be able to save it and view it when the time is more appropriate.

Moreover, 45 percent of the survey respondents had a preference for mobile advertising that is “delivered by a trusted source with a safety seal of approval.” Millennials are a generation that is quite familiar with the threat of spam, cyberattacks, viruses, worms and other damaging, annoying or detrimental scams. Therefore, additional layers of security provide an ad with greater appeal.

Furthermore, mobile marketing tactics that contain discounts and savings incentives were appealing to 40 percent of the survey participants. Another 39 percent want to see ads that have relevance to a product or service they are already seeking to purchase. Thirty three percent would like to be able to make a purchase directly through the ad.

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