Mobile marketing success relies on message customization

Mobile marketing strategy

Mobile marketing strategyConsumers need to have personalization if they are going to respond in the desired way.

New research is now showing that in order for mobile marketing to be successful, the messages that are sent from brands and companies to consumers and customers must be customized.

The study indicated that is a vital approach to communicating with consumers is personalization.

The research was performed by Infinite Convergence Solutions, a mobility solutions provider. Based on what they discovered, they stated that almost half of the smartphone owning participants in the study who are not currently subscribing to messages from businesses would do so if they felt that the mobile marketing would be specifically customized to their preferences or needs.

This indicates that businesses must shift their mobile marketing to a highly personalized style to be successful.

These findings also suggest that if mobile marketing messages were more customized, they could take off to a much greater degree. According to the Infinite Convergence Solutions CEO, Anurag Lal, “Consumers want tailored information and experiences.” Lal also stated that “Understanding who the consumer is and how to forge a connection is crucial to push consumers to act on the mobile messages they receive.”

The report on the mobile marketing research indicated that among smartphone owners, 36 percent were receiving messages from businesses over their devices. Moreover, 90 percent of the respondents who were receiving messages were doing so from up to five different retailers.

Lal explained that the number of smartphone and cell phone owners is consistently rising. The result of this is that consumers are often utilizing these devices for a larger number of tasks, especially as their primary method of communication both over voice and digitally. “SMS and MMS messaging is the most ubiquitous and convenient form of communication and a platform businesses must leverage to reach consumers.”

The research indicated that mobile marketing from businesses must use special promotions directed at individual customers in order to draw them through messaging campaigns. This would add more appeal to 38 percent of the smartphone owners who aren’t currently subscribing to any messages from retailers at all.

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