Mobile marketing still seeing considerable spending

Mobile Marketing statistics

By the end of this year, predictions are starting to show that growth in UK spending will be considerable.

The mobile marketing environment has already become a vital part of the advertising and promotions efforts of businesses in most industries, and this will only continue to rise as the penetration of smartphones grows throughout the population.

Business customers and individual consumers are relying on these devices to make their purchasing decisions.

By the end of this year, it has been predicted that mobile marketing spending in the United Kingdom, alone, will have reached £7.2 billion. This will represent an increase of 85 percent over last year’s totals.

Some companies are still failing to take their first steps into the mobile marketing environment.

As important as mobile marketing is, and while the majority of companies do believe that it could make a considerable difference to their revenues, according to some experts, there still aren’t enough businesses actually taking the necessary actions. They either aren’t using mobile marketing, or they’re not using it properly.Mobile Marketing

For example, Brendan O’Kane, the CEO of OtherLevels, an analytics startup, has said that far too few companies are using the appropriate platforms. It is his opinion that firms are under the inaccurate belief that mobile marketing strategies can be considered successful when a certain number of downloads have been achieved or when there is enough traffic at an mcommerce website.

However, O’Kane explained that “You need to spend more quality time on retention thinking about how you deliver your campaigns and doing proactive research on how to engage with your audience.”

Similarly, Loren McDonald, the Silverpop vice president of industry relations, expressed in a release that she feels that far more companies will need to make sure that they are taking the necessary steps to use mobile commerce.

Mobile marketing is the key path for reaching and engaging consumers who use their smartphones not only to make purchases, but also to research products they are considering. This can include comparing products, performing price comparisons, reading reviews, finding discount coupons, learning about promotions and offers, finding store locations, and other important behaviors that help them to make their final choices.

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