Mobile marketing revenues to reach $352 billion worldwide by 2018

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Global Mobile Marketing Growth

New Global Industry Analysts report predicts massive growth over upcoming years.

The last few years have shown that mobile marketing has rapidly become extremely important to companies and brands of all shapes and sizes, and a new report has indicated that this trend will only continue over the next few years.

The marketplace is experiencing a shift from traditional to smartphone friendly.

Print formats are giving way to digital based advertising and mobile marketing technologies as smartphones and tablets increase their presence among consumers worldwide. The appeal for this new channel is high on both the business and consumer side due to the dynamic new interactive opportunities it has to offer.

The increased spending and fund allocation by companies for mobile marketing is a clear sign of this.

Organizations are now setting aside higher percentages of their overall advertising budgets for mobile marketing, when those funds had previously gone to more traditional areas such as print or television. Now, they are being allocated to popular and widely accepted digital areas, such as search, social media, smartphone, tablet, and email methods.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Mobile marketing presents a number of significant advantages when compared to more traditional methods, particularly its lower cost. Furthermore, digitally displayed messages have a higher recall retention among viewers, and there is a greater capability for consumer targeting. This, combined with the sophisticated and effective ability to measure makes digital advertising – particularly over smartphones – an increasingly vital channel.

When asked, companies often say that one of the factors with the greatest appeal from mobile marketing is customer engagement. Efficiency and cost are important, but communication with consumers through their smartphones presents the opportunity to engage them in a way that has never before been equaled.

Both mature and emerging marketplaces can appreciate the tremendous potential of mobile marketing to drive growth in the future. Emerging nations have seen must faster migration to this channel from more traditional ones. Though it may have found its start in Western European and North American countries, the Asia-Pacific region has become exceptionally influential, along with a broad range of other countries on every continent around the world.

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