Mobile marketing relatively misunderstood among many companies

QR Code Mobile Marketing

QR Code Mobile MarketingStudy targets the world of mobile marketing

Aquent, a leading staffing organization dedicated to marketing, has released a new study that focuses on mobile marketing. The study was commissioned by Forrester Research and provides some insight on how companies all over the world view mobile marketing and the prospective benefits it offers. Many businesses have taken note of the rising number of smart phone and tablet users around the world. As these consumers become more prolific, companies are feeling the need to engage these people through their mobile devices, thus the growing need behind mobile marketing.

Companies show concerns regarding return-on-investment for new marketing strategies

The study found that return-on-investment in mobile marketing was among the top concerns coming from companies that had interests in expanding their marketing programs. The study shows that many of  the most common mobile marketing strategies currently being used by companies all over the world are still in a stage of infancy. These strategies are relatively limited in scope because few companies have extensive experience in the realm of mobile engagement. While mobile devices have been popular among consumers for several years now, discovering the best way to engage these people has been an elusive accomplishment.

Most companies are relatively new to engaging mobile consumers

Aquent notes that 70% of companies around the world have had mobile marketing strategies in place for two years or less, despite the rapidly growing number of mobile consumers. Some of these companies have seen great results from using QR codes and similar technologies, but few have seen  the gains that they had been expecting. Mobile marketing often receives a great deal of praise, so much so that adopting mobile marketing is typically associated with instant and guaranteed success. Like other forms of marketing, however, the mobile variety is subject to intensive planning and market research in order to be successful.

Companies not yet accustomed to mobile consumers may have trouble engaging them in the future

Mobile marketing continues to be a popular, yet misunderstood field in the world of business. Advertisers have shown a strong grasp on the concepts that influence the mobile world and mobile consumers, but many businesses have yet to achieve the same level of understanding when it comes to marketing. Given that the mobile world continues to experience rapid evolution, companies that do not already have a strong understanding of mobile commerce may be faced with an uphill battle when it comes to changing their marketing strategies.

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