Mobile marketing professionals generate list of 7 B2B marketing techniques


Mobile Marketing TipsAccording to Forrester Research, spending on B2B mobile marketing is set to quadruple between now and 2014, so experts have compiled a list of 7 ways to take advantage of this technique to maximize its potential.

The study by Forrester Research showed that in 2009, spending on B2B mobile marketing had been about $26 million. That said, the same research has predicted that it will be worth $106 million five years afterward.

In order to take advantage of this technique experts have said that the following 7 B2B marketing strategies should be considered.

1. Create marketing content that is friendly to mobile users. Optimize content to be used for mobile devices, don’t just repurpose existing online content.

2. Create content with mobile users in mind. Provide information through short form marketing – such as blogs – and avoid long form content such as whitepapers.

3. Centralize your online content. Direct all of your channels to a single location or broadcast from one source.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


4. Choose technologies that are compatible with mobile devices. Consider new marketing channels in terms of their compatibility with a mobile environment.

5. Start with a mobile website and decide whether or not to add an app. A website should be your central contact point, but decide whether or not an app will also add value.

6. Review, analyze, and use analytics. Find out how mobile is making an impact and what efforts are making the biggest difference. Use analytics to understand and repeat your successes and cut your failures short.

7. Test new marketing strategies that show potential within your marketplace. Test and refine the latest mobile marketing efforts to be able to obtain the greatest value from them. Starting early with testing will ensure greater long term benefits.

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