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Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

L’Oreal’s Active Cosmetics division benefits with improved connection with consumers.

The free events app called timeRAZOR, which is free, hyper-local, and dynamic, was the center of a mobile marketing campaign, the success of which was just announced by the Active Cosmetics division of L’Oreal at Vichy Laboratoires.

This app is being used as an opportunity for smartphone owners to obtain all the latest info on local events.

The campaign generated results far beyond what Vichy had been expecting and has become an important case study for the use and potential of mobile marketing. The timeRAZOR application was used to bring about a 150 percent boost in attendance, and generate a 70 percent revenue increase in stores. At the same time, it was able to capture analytics that provided valuable information for the design and implementation of future campaigns.

The L’Oreal mobile marketing campaign was first created in April 2012.

It was designed in order to provide a tracking solution for its experimental advertising efforts for its “beauty days”. Those were a number of different consumer events that provided shoppers with the chance to try the products that interest them before they make their purchase. By leveraging the knowWHERE technology from timeRAZOR, Vichy was capable of achieving their goals as well as a great deal more.


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The technology allowed them to both track and re-target consumers at a level that was hyper-local. According to the Active Cosmetics division of L’Oreal USA’s director of trade marketing, Lauren Eagle, “timeRAZOR let us achieve our goals to enhance reach, engagement and revenue from beauty day events.”

Eagle added that “The results speak for themselves. And thanks to the ability to capture and analyze accurate consumer and campaign data, we’re already planning additional timeRAZOR campaigns to continue to build our brand with these customers.”

Prior to the use of the technology from timeRAZOR for mobile marketing, Vichy had been using more traditional advertising and social media methods for its event promotions. These events are vital, considered to be the very center of the brand itself. Research by the company has shown that the majority of the decisions that are made to attend one of the events are spontaneous and are the result of on-site promotions. This makes smartphones a key method of drawing consumers at precisely the time that they are most likely to respond.

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