Mobile marketing from Microsoft pokes fun at iPhone – again

Microsoft mobile marketing Apple iPhone 5S

Apple rivals have taken the iPhone 5S and 5C release as their next opportunity to take shots.

The other leaders in the tech industry always see the most recent releases of Apple products as the perfect opportunity to use a snarkier side of mobile marketing, by drawing attention to what they feel are the downfalls of the products that the iPhone maker has just unveiled.

However, with this latest release, Microsoft has managed to use this strategy in a humorous way.

Microsoft has watched its most recent mobile marketing attempt – a viral video that is written at the expense of Apple – has received a great deal of positive reaction from its viewers, simply because it did, indeed, manage to get humor right. Regardless of whether or not the viewer actually likes the look of the latest iPhone release, they still seem to be getting a chuckle from those who are poking fun at it.

This mobile marketing video was taken down from Microsoft’s site, but remains active on YouTube.

The video is two minutes long and features a parody “presentation” being made of the device by fake Apple staff members. This mobile marketing for the competition takes a tongue in cheek approach to pitching some of the main differences in the newest handsets. Some of the targets include the use of plastic materials, the color scheme, and the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor technology.

The mobile marketing campaign includes a killer punch with the line “And you know what the beauty part is? We can charge whatever we want, bro!” It is believed by many that the video was withdrawn by design by Microsoft, but allowed to continue on YouTube, where it plays with the ending line “Time to Switch” and the hashtag #timetoswitch.

This is only the most recent time that Microsoft has used mobile marketing and other channels to work to agitate Apple. Even the latest commercials for Windows 8 have taken their opportunities to take shots at the iPad.

Its use of the mobile marketing campaign with the “time to switch” slogan could potentially have a similar impact as was achieved by Samsung, when it used its “Next Big Thing” commercials to take the glory and “cool” away from Apple.

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