Mobile marketing is now critical to small businesses in US

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

A recent study is revealing that smartphone penetration is making it vital to advertise over this channel.

According to the latest study from Pew Research, most Americans are now smartphone owners, which means that the potential for mobile marketing is an enormous one throughout the United States.

A new research report has been issued that has revealed the impact on small businesses in the U.S.

According to Michael Berner, the president of the firm that released the report, Mobile App Source, the penetration of smartphones indicates a“Mass societal shift to handheld devices” and that it “will have a profound effect on small and medium-sized business.” This indicates that mobile marketing has virtually immeasurable potential for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Marketing CampaignIt is clear that the greater the smartphone penetration, the more important mobile marketing will become.

The study from the Internet & American Life Project at Pew Research Center was called “Smartphone Ownership 2013”. It stated that “For the first time since [Pew Research] began systematically tracking smartphone adoption, a majority of Americans now own a smartphone of some kind.”

This indicates that the companies that take on mobile marketing will be the ones with the greatest chances of thriving. Those that fail to do so will experience a growing level of very challenging competition. “It’s the new Mobile Darwinism” according to the new study.

The findings from Pew are based on survey responses to a number of questions, including the request to identify the type of device they owned. According to the researchers, 61 percent of the cell phone owners answered “yes” to a minimum of one of the questions, which indicated that they owned a smartphone. As 91 percent of American adults were believed to own a cell phone and, upon calculating the responses to the survey, it suggested that 56 percent of those devices were smartphones.

This is very promising news for mobile marketing as it opens up a complete channel to reach consumers at any given time using the one device that they have with them at virtually every moment of the day, including while they are in-store.

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