Mobile marketing is giving Paula Deen another chance

Paula Deen mobile marketing ebook

Though her media empire may have collapsed, the realm of electronic publishing has been a huge hit.

Companies and fans may have turned their backs on Paula Deen following her controversial revelation, despite many subsequent public apologies and pleading for forgiveness, but consumers have paid attention to mobile marketing about her and are turning to their smartphones, tablets, and ereaders to find out more about her story in the hottest new book to hit the digital shelves.

The book was published entirely digitally, in a move that could leave the print landscape reeling.

The massive reaction against Paula Deen doesn’t seem to have the power to stop the effect of a mobile marketing campaign for an unauthorized book describing her story, which has been tremendously successful despite the fact that her once flawless and expansive media empire has now crumbled. The entire electronic world has been buzzing with word of this new book and consumers are downloading it as fast as they can whip out their devices.

Paula Deen mobile marketing ebookScandal appears to be fueling the success of the mobile marketing as opposed to holding it back.

The publisher of this new unauthorized book is the same one behind the bestselling biographies of Tiger Woods and Steve Jobs. Though unaffiliated with Deen, herself, the timing for this mobile marketing campaign couldn’t have been better for sales as the book itself takes a deep and detailed look into the race fueled scandal behind Deen’s ruin, at a time when this issue couldn’t be more in the spotlight.

According to James Broderick, publisher from the New Beginnings Press, the Deen story is only one part of a massive debate being experienced within the United States, with many other similarly theme headlines continually topping the lists, such as the massively controversial acquittal of George Zimmerman last weekend.

Broderick explained that “Paula Deen is feeling the brunt of a debate that actually about much more than a word she used twenty years ago.” He added that “No one condones the use of hateful language,” and that “if we’re going to effectively terminate and publicly humiliate everyone who has ever used an offensive term in their lives, no one would be able to keep a job in this country.”

It could be that the secret to the return of Deen’s acceptance and popularity may lie in the hands of mobile marketing relating to a book describing her story and her downfall.

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