Mobile marketing is the most difficult to do properly

Mobile marketing email

The same research that made this determination referred to email advertising as the most effective.

The results of a recent study conducted by Ascend2 and certain of its research partners (from MarketingCharts, also known as MC) have now been released, showing that among the various digital techniques, it is email advertising that is considered to be the most effective, while mobile marketing has the unfortunate title of being the most difficult.

The report on the study provided considerable insight into the analysis conducted on the research findings.

The report was entitled “Marketers Continue to Rate Email the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic”. While mobile marketing is still presenting firms with a considerable challenge in terms of the way in which to correctly reach consumers as well as how to measure the results of those efforts, the same could not be said for email. Email advertising is still considered to be one of the most viable channels for effectively communicating with consumers, for several different reasons.

Mobile marketing has yet to reach the point in which marketers feel as though they have an understanding of it.

Mobile marketing emailThe results of this study aligned very well with several others conducted earlier in the year, such as one performed by Gigacom, another company, and that took place in July. Also in July, Econsultancy ran a survey that found nearly the same thing when looking into various types of digital advertising techniques. Within that specific research, global marketers had stated that they felt that email should be the most important channel in terms of ROI, even beating out SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing.

It should be noted that this information is based on the opinion of marketers, which could mean that some of these firms are not properly measuring their ROI or are not capable of understanding how to go about doing so. As this can be quite a complex process in terms of SEO and mobile advertising metrics, determining the success of an email campaign is considerably more straightforward.

The most recent survey has not indicated that mobile marketing is any less effective than email advertising. In fact, they were rated in two different categories. What they found was that smartphone promotions were considered to be the most difficult. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not the most effective. It is that marketers are not capable of determining how effective those campaigns truly are. In the case of email, they can, which makes them feel much more confident about that efficacy.

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