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mobile marketing Fiksu reportThe Fiksu data has also shown that there has been an increase in downloads of apps.

The latest report from Fiksu has now been released, in which it shared its data regarding the latest trends in the costs associated with mobile marketing through apps, and shared that in 2012, these expenses were on an “upward trajectory”.

This Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform data is highly regarded throughout the industry.

It provides important insight into the trends and direction that mobile marketing is taking in terms of smartphone and tablet applications. It came as no real surprise that the holiday shopping season played an important role in this curve toward more costly m-commerce apps. According to the company, the download volume spiked in December. They speculated that this was likely the result of millions of new smartphones and tablets being received as gifts and entering into the lives of consumers worldwide.

There was a massive spike in the cost of mobile marketing apps in December of last year.

The Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index showed that during that month, there was an increase of 21 percent (29 cent), bringing it to $1.67, when it had been $1.38 the month before. From November through December, the costs of mobile marketing continued their upward climb. This was entirely expected, as was the steadier and most cost effective 2012 holiday season landscape, when compared to the 2011 season.

Credit for this cost effectiveness trend was given to the implementation of mobile marketing best practices that had been learned and tested over the year up until that point. According to the CEO of Fiksu, Micah Adler “Mobile app marketers are a year older and wiser, and we saw this reflected in the December Fiksu Indexes.”

Adler also went on to explain that last year was different from the “spending frenzy” that was recorded during the holiday season of 2011. Instead, it was pointed out that “many opted for a value-versus-volume approach in 2012, collectively applying a more conservative, sophisticated strategy to their Q4 campaigns and largely avoiding big gambles on a long App Store freeze.

The Fiksu CEO explained that the outcome was that mobile marketing dollars were better spent by being spread out over the “long tail of apps” that were off the top 200 list. This also brought about increases that were not as extreme in the cost per loyal user and the volume, when compared to 2011.

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