Mobile marketing brought $139 million into the American economy last year

mobile marketing smartphone sale

mobile marketing smartphone saleThe MMA has released its latest data regarding the contribution of smartphone and tablet ads in the U.S.

The most recent statistics from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), has shown that the solid and quickly growing smartphone advertising ecosystem brought a massive incremental output of $139 billion into the American economy last year.

This is a considerable increase over the sales that were reported by the MMA only two years before.

The MMA reported that the results from 2012 were a “significant surge” over 2010, when the net sales had been reported to be at $48 billion. The organization also projects that “Over the next five years… this figure is set to skyrocket to $400 billion representing an annual growth rate of 52 percent.”

The statistics were presented by the MMA within its Mobile Marketing Economic Impact Study.

The study was commissioned by the MMA and its key findings suggested that m-commerce and its related mobile marketing are a considerable economic engine that will maintain its stimulation of growth across the country as a highly lucrative platform. According to the CEO of the MMA, Greg Stuart, “Results from this study prove that mobile should not be underestimated as an economic stimulator. Only a few years ago, mobile’s impact was measured by its function as a basic phone and now it is impossible to envision a world without smartphones and tablets”.

The Mobile Marketing Association CEO went on to say that “The health of the U.S. economy depends on platforms like mobile that offer unlimited potential for growth and innovation. No other media will evolve at this pace with unforeseen opportunities to reimagine the user experience.”

This type of prediction helps to show that mobile marketing has a great deal of potential and that it will be playing an increasingly important role in contributing to the health of the American economy. It also suggests that now is the time for marketers to make sure that they are up with the latest in their industry because the growth of its use when targeting smartphone and tablet consumers is approaching a highly explosive rate.

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