Mobile Gaming: A Comeback Story in 2012

Mobile Gaming Industry

If 2012 is any indication, mobile gaming is skyrocketing in popularity. Mobile-gaming analytics companies and game makers are experiencing increased profits and popularity — as long as consumers continue to use websites like iWin to download games and purchase game apps at record numbers, mobile and social gaming will continue to rise.

A Swrving Upward Incline for 2012 Mobile Gaming

Swrve serves an essential function in the mobile-gaming industry. The mobile- and social-apps analytics firm analyzes data of more than 5 million players per day. Swrve’s service is vital for developers, allowing them to instantaneously receive feedback on social- and mobile-gamer behavior. Offering A/B testing, a simplistic dashboard, visualization of data and assistance in taking the next steps, the analytics firm’s tools help developers refine the consumer experience and game monetization.

Investors are flocking to Swrve — well-established clients have experienced an incredible return on investments. According to, at this rate, Swrve may reach its goal of becoming a “one-stop shop” for app analytics and monetization.


Rovio added another addition to their successful franchise, this time in cahoots with LucasArts, with the release of “Angry Birds Star Wars.” The latest slingshot puzzle game continues the battle of birds and pigs in a galaxy far, far away. Each of the classic birds are cast as the primary characters of “Episode IV: A New Hope.” The red bird now wears Luke Skywalker’s blond locks and is equipped with a blue lightsaber. The hairy bird resembles the famous Wookie, Chewbacca.

The avian crew takes on the abilities of their Star Wars facsimiles; Obi-Wan uses a Jedi force push and Han Solo shoots beams from his blaster. The green pigs, on the other hand, are clad in the domed hats of Imperial officers, white Stormtrooper armor and Darth Vader, of course. Even the Death Star received a makeover in swine.

The game incorporates the classic “Star Wars” sounds that will immediately be familiar to devotees of the series: the grating screech of TIE fighters, the beep-boops of R2-D2 and the classic “bzzooo” of a lightsaber strike. From Tattooine to inside the Death Star, players will journey to many recognizable locales. According to, the game is already a resounding success as it hit the top spot of Apple’s app store in a record 2.5 hours.Mobile Gaming Industry


In an otherwise successful year, it’s been a rocky one for Zynga. The popular game-maker was involved in a lawsuit and litigation regarding copyright infringement. Yet, Zynga, the company known for “Mafia Wars” and “Farmville,” marches on, recently acquiring November Software, another mobile-game studio. Together, they’re working on a new “mid-core” mobile game codenamed “Golden Arrow.”

Despite Zynga’s heavy net losses, November Software is still excited to work with the company, according to Here’s hoping that the new partnership will flourish.

Guest Author: Erin Briars The first in her family to work with computers, Erin is proud of her programming accomplishments and thrilled that her parents finally broke down and got a Kindle Fire.

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