Mobile games revenues now greater than earnings from those on consoles and PCs

mobile games revenues

The industry has now shifted to the point that smartphones and tablets are the top earners for gaming.

Mobile games revenue is being taken extremely seriously all of a sudden now that it has reached a significant landmark. Those earnings are now greater than those brought in by games on either consoles or PCs.

The industry is now being forced to look at mobile gaming in a way they had not previously been doing.

In 2017, mobile games revenues from smartphone and tablets combined are forecasted to represent 42 percent of the worldwide gaming market earnings. This, according to a Newzoo report.

The segment held by mobile games is sizably larger than the market share held by traditional forms of games. For instance, console games are predicted to make up 31 percent of this year’s global sales. Even smaller, PC games will compose 23 percent of the worldwide game sale market. This places mobile gaming very far ahead of its traditional format rivals.

Smartphones and their high penetration rate are the top driver of mobile games revenue.

mobile games revenuesAmong the reasons that mobile games haven’t been taken as seriously as console games and PC games is that their quality is clearly inferior to what is played on an Xbox, PlayStation or computer. Still, they are available for the devices that virtually everyone has and that they’re comfortable using. They can use these devices anywhere they go, whether they’re in a waiting room, on the bus or sleepless at night.

These games are typically pretty basic and often follow similar formats, but they’re fun and the successful ones are balanced perfectly between challenge and reward. Their power is in their accessibility to a considerably larger number of people and in far more places than PC and console games.

As a result, mobile games revenues have had the chance to grow quickly. Moreover, the report suggested that the potential isn’t even close to having been reached and it is only getting larger. Mobile game development is also evolving very quickly as new technologies become available. This keeps the excitement steady as tech such as augmented reality opens new worlds of opportunity for both designers and players.

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