Mobile games could help treat serious illnesses

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Mobile gaming is becoming an effective form of digital therapy for those with ADHD and other conditions

Mobile games have become a very convenient way for people to entertain themselves, but these games may also be becoming a way to treat certain illnesses. In the United States, approximately $13 billion is spent on treatments for one in 10 children that suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These costs are typically associated with prescription medications, such as Adderall and Ritalin, but concerns over the effects of these medications are growing. An effective alternative may be mobile gaming, according to Akili Interactive Labs.

Digital therapy is becoming a priority for technology developers

Akili Interactive Labs is a start-up based in Boston, Massachusetts, that is focused on developing games that are specifically designed to treat ADHD and other neurological conditions. The company recently launched Project: Evo, which is meant to train the minds of children with ADHD, encouraging them to prioritize between gathering a wealth of information and various stimuli. As such, the game exists as a type of “digital therapy,” which is something that is becoming more popular among developers of mobile technology.

Other companies are looking to take digital therapy  mainstream

mobile games health app trendThe developer is just one company that is making digital therapy a priority. Cambridge Cognition, a developer based in the United Kingdom, has created touchscreen tests and research tools that are focused on a variety of medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s. This technology is actually based on neuropsychological assessments that were developed in the 1980s and could help medical professionals form a better understanding of how to treat several serious illnesses.

Mobile games could become effective tools in helping treat ADHD and other medical issues

Mobile games may soon become much more than simple entertainment platforms. Further research and funding is being committed to the digital therapy space in an effort to develop new tools that can help those with serious medical conditions. Last month, Akili Interactive Labs was able to raise some $30 million in investments to fund large-scale clinical trials for its innovative solutions. This funding may help the company develop more mobile games and investigate their potential impact in helping children and others with ADHD and other conditions.

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