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Modiv Media has announced their newest product called Modiv Social, which allows consumers to collect discount coupons from any source they’d like, and then use them or share them over social media such as Facebook.

This uses a concept that is not at all new, but that has yet to be fully leveraged over the mobile channel. Email marketers have been told that their effectiveness and survival will require the use of social and mobile platform links for some time now, but it wasn’t until mobile couponing arrived that this started to be taken truly seriously.

Over the last short while, several retailers and vendors have been unveiling new intentions or features that will help to make mobile coupon use more user friendly, flexible, and easier to share with others over social media.

A shared coupon can be taken from social media and then loaded into a mobile coupon wallet, such as the one provided by the Modiv Social app.

To take this step even further, adsmobi and the hyper-local mobile ad network, YOOSE, have unveiled their own plans to create a new “Prime Location” service. This allows mobile coupon campaigns to be launched and maintained based on a specific location.

Even Walgreens has re-launched its flyer. This flyer, which is already read by over 50 million Americans per week, is now offering hundreds of items above and beyond the print circular, in its digital version, so that consumers can make more discounted purchases through as well as the mobile app. The digital ads also allow consumers to share the discounts through Facebook and Twitter.

The circular also now includes QR codes, so that they can obtain the deals directly through their mobile devices from the print or online flyer.

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