Mobile commerce website and apps redesigned by Toys ‘R’ Us

Toys R Us Mobile marketing
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien

Toys R Us Mobile CommerceNew site with a tablet focus has also been optimized and launched by the company.

Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us have announced that their mobile commerce websites and apps have now been completely redesigned and that a new launch has also taken place to for optimization for tablet using consumers.

The redesigned applications and sites provide consumers with a more simplified and engaging experience.

The new mobile commerce apps and websites give customers the chance to browse and search for products, learn about these items, read their reviews, watch videos, and make a purchase. They have been designed to reflect the functionality of the standard website so that shoppers can perform searches based on different product categories, characters and themes, age, brands, clearance, and new releases.

The Babies ‘R’ Us site and app users are also able to view the Top Registry Items and browse among them.

The apps are redesigned so that they can provide mobile commerce options for both Android and iOS users. Moreover, it gives those shoppers the ability to scan QR codes or product barcodes while they are in the store locations so that they can learn more about those products. These scans link the consumer to a page where the details and reviews of the product are revealed. There, they can also choose to purchase the product online as opposed to shopping in-store, allowing them to skip the checkout line.

By entering their ZIP code into the mobile commerce app or website, consumers will also gain access to the local weekly ad deals for their specific area. Furthermore, they can choose to save their “home store” location, so that they will always have automatic access to that store’s weekly ads and deals and will not be required to enter their ZIP code.

Consumers using the mobile commerce app and site for Toys ‘R’ Us will also have the option of saving their favorite items and sharing them with friends and family through their favorite social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This has the potential to save holiday shoppers a great deal of time by skipping lineups and knowing what gift recipients have on their wish lists.

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