Mobile commerce website achieves considerable sales success

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A retailer of outdoor gear has now achieved massive results with its m-commerce site integration.

In order to create a truly successful mobile commerce website, Wide Open Spaces has integrated Magento and Unbound Commerce and has managed to impress consumers who are now shopping there.

The customers of this members only online retailer are often in locations well away from their computers.

After all, Wide Open Spaces caters to fishermen and hunters, which means that when they are using the products that are sold by the retailer, they are out in nature, not sitting at a desk. For this reason, the company saw an opportunity in mobile commerce.

mobile commerceThe mobile commerce offering allows members to take advantage of flash sales even when they’re out in the wild.

The company is well known for its flash sales that provide amazing deals, but the problem that it has faced is that its primary customer base is often located in places well away from computers so that they are not able to take advantage of them as much as they otherwise might. By adding mobile commerce to the mix, these customers will still have the technology they need to be alerted of these flash sales by way of their smartphones.

According to the co-founder of the company and its vice president of engineering, Chris Mitchell, “Our customers are avid outdoor sports enthusiasts who spend a great deal of time out in the field.” He went on to add that “We wanted a mobile experience to allow them to take advantage of the latest deals and discounts, any time and any location.”

In order to provide this mobile commerce experience, it integrated with the smartphone platform from Unbound Commerce and with the online shopping platform from Magento Inc. The result was a site designed for use by smartphone consumers. Though this site was first launched in January, it has been in a testing period until now, when it was formally announced.

During that testing period, 23 percent of its traffic and 17 percent of its revenue has come from the use of smartphones and tablets. Since its mobile commerce site launch, it has also discovered that the time that is spent on the website and the average value of each order has remained pretty much the same, except that its smartphone and tablet conversion rates are up and sales over mobile have shot up by 30 percent.

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