Mobile commerce study shows over 400 percent retail increase on Cyber Monday

Mobile commerce Trends

Mobile commerce shopping Trends Research shows sales skyrocketed on that most important smartphone shopping day of the year.

A study performed by Unbound Commerce regarding the mobile commerce retail sales from Cyber Monday has shown increases of over 400 percent among more than 360 top retailers, and that the majority of the visits that were made to these sites were from new customers.

These numbers have just been released regarding the aggregate transactions that were made.

Among the retailers who use the integrated mobile commerce platform from Unbound, the total revenue spiked by 410 on that day, as consumers used their tablets and smartphones to find the top items and best deals for their holiday shopping. This shattered records in conversion and sales rates.

When compared to a week before, there was a 311 percent increase in mobile commerce transactions.

The number of visitors to the average site increased by 59 percent. Moreover, the total number of mobile commerce page views that were displayed increased by 84 percent on that day. Not only were revenues from sales considerably higher, but there was also a massive increase in consumer engagement metrics.

For instance, the number of visits to mobile websites rose by 23 percent and the average number of pages that were viewed in any given website rose by 13 percent.

Although the analytics dashboard at Unbound does not track sales that were influenced by mobile commerce, they also reported that purchases of that nature also reached an all time high. These smartphone and tablet influenced sales include the use of such features as click to call, purchases made in store after products or locations were discovered over smartphones, shared social media links, and emailing the details of a product page.

First time mobile commerce website visits also reached a record breaking high on Cyber Monday, making up 76 percent of the visits to all of the websites. Unbound feels that this can be interpreted as a new discovery of mcommerce by consumers and that it is happening at a record breaking rate. According to the CTO and founder of the company, Srinivasarao Nandiwada, this channel is no longer simply a convenience for retailers, but has now reached the point of necessity.

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