Mobile commerce study shows consumers are tremendously attached to their smartphones


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Would you rather lose your cell phone or your wedding ring while on vacation?

Intel Corporation has just released the results of a study that has shown that while on vacation, people feel more stressed when disconnected from mobile commerce through their devices than they do if their wedding ring goes missing.

People build an emotional bond with these devices and feel calmer and less anxious when they have them.

When on vacation, the technology access is soothing to travelers. The survey showed that almost half of travelers in the United States admitted that when they must travel without their devices, they feel anxious. In fact, among young adults, 87 percent said that they feel more happy when they can bring their devices with them when they travel.

The survey included 2,500 respondents, who were also asked if they’d prefer to lose a device to a wedding ring.

The answers were quite surprising, as 77 percent stated that they would feel higher anxiety from losing their computing device. The only thing that the respondents expressed would be more stressful to lose while on vacation than their cell phones and tablets, was their wallets.

Intel ambassador, Mark Fard, is responsible for providing a more basic understanding of technology and how to use it for individuals who are not as tech savvy. He explained that “We found a stark contrast in the way people used to travel and the way they travel today.” Fard also added that “They have an increased expectation of what technology can do and to always being connected.”

He then followed up this statement with a description of a personal experience to which he feels many people who travel with technology can relate. Recently, he realized that he had been moving from one Starbucks location to the next, just because he was seeking the perfect combination of outlet and seating. In order to enjoy his time in a café, he needed to know that he would remain connected.

The fact of the matter is that mobile commerce is so important to people that they will now select their coffee shop and restaurant based on the location and availability of outlets.


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