Mobile commerce study reveals most (and least) popular days to shop

mobile commerce shopping

Sunday was the day in which consumers most frequently take out their smartphones and tablets to buy.

While online shopping has become a standard method of making a purchase, mobile commerce is starting to make up an increasing proportion of the sales that are occurring over the internet, and a recent study has found that this is more common on certain days of the week.

Sunday was by far the top mobile shopping day, seeing 106 percent growth over the same figure from 2013.

The mobile commerce report that included this data was issued by Opera and it showed that people are using their smartphones and tablets most often on Sunday and least often on Friday, when it came to shopping online. The study that was conducted provided a considerable amount of insight, as it broke down the consumer online purchasing behaviors when it came to the days of the week, times of the year, as well as geography. It also placed the spotlight on some of the leading m-commerce websites and mobile marketers during the current holiday shopping season.

As online shopping means a lot to the global markets, the increase in mobile commerce has added a vital new element.

mobile commerce shoppingAccording to the Opera Software vice president for consumer mobile reporting and analytics, Larry Moores, “Online shopping has become a major force in global markets. And, with the holiday shopping season upon us in the United States, we see mobile’s share of that market accelerating.”

The report made it clear that Sunday was the time in which there was the greatest m-commerce activity among shoppers, Friday was the least active. That said, when it came to the peak time for laptops and desktops, Monday was the clear winner and it carried the heaviest contribution throughout the remainder of the week. This made the difference in consumer shopping behaviors over mobile devices quite interesting, as they differed from their larger-screened counterparts.

Among the explanations presented to explain the lowest amount of mobile commerce activity on Friday was that many consumers use their devices for product browsing on the weekend, and then returned to their laptops and desktops on Monday in order to actually make a purchase.

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