Mobile commerce study in U.K. identifies top performers

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Mobile CommerceThe research, conducted by EPiServer, showed that Debenhams has the leading smartphone shopping experience.

The results of the latest EPiServer study have shown that the among the leading 30 mobile commerce websites and apps, the top performers in the United Kingdom are Debenhams, Expedia, and Argos.

The report showed issued a score to the smartphone friendly websites of 30 of the leading retailers in the U.K.

The websites and apps of these British retailers were scored against a benchmark of detailed best practices. The data used for the scoring was obtained through study into current customer attitudes to the use and experience from the mobile commerce sites and apps.

The study showed that retailers appear to be working harder to please customers through mobile commerce.

The EPiServer study showed that as mobile commerce becomes an increasingly important element in the digital marketing matrix of retailers, those companies are working harder to meet the increasing expectations held by consumers. The 2012 average score was recorded at being 55 percent. This was a very promising increase over the 2011 average score, which had been 47 percent.

Among the most notable improvements that was recognized by the most recent study was the number of retailers that had optimized their websites for a mobile commerce experience. This illustrates a shift in the focus of retailers toward smartphone friendly websites, as opposed to focusing exclusively on apps.

In the previous study, in 2011, 30 percent of the retailers within the top 10 did not have a mobile commerce website. The most recent study shows that this percentage has dropped to 17 percent.

The title of this report was “Mobile commerce: what consumers really want”. It compared the performance of retailers with the behaviors and expectations of 1,000 adult smartphone shoppers and with the assessment benchmark of the leading 30 British retailers. The purpose of the study is to look into how many of those retailers are actually meeting the expectation of today’s consumers, who are depending on their smartphones and tablets to an ever increasing degree.

It was Debenhams that took the mobile commerce top spot with a score of 90 percent. Argos held the second position along with Expedia. These two companies both achieved a score of 85 percent.

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