Mobile commerce study identifies companies that make consumers happiest

Mobile Commerce customer satisfaction

Mobile Commerce customer satisfactionA ForeSee Results study has revealed the top 25 companies for smartphone shopping satisfaction.

The results of a study that was performed throughout the entire holiday shopping season last year have just been revealed and have shown the dominant mobile commerce players in terms of customer satisfaction.

Amazon took the lead, but not by a very big distance, as Apple was only slightly behind it.

The ForeSee survey showed that Amazon provided the most customer satisfaction through its mobile commerce experience. In second place was Apple, which wasn’t much of a surprise, but the fact that Victoria’s Secret achieved third place did raise a few eyebrows. This is the first time that the lingerie retail company has been within the top five range in this study.

There were twenty five leading mobile commerce companies ranked by the survey based on satisfaction levels.

Other top performers in this mobile commerce study include QVC and NewEgg. According to Larry Freed, the chief executive of ForeSee, the reason that Amazon excelled over the rest is that “Both in the web and mobile they do a great job of being focused on the customer.” He went on to say that “They offer great selection with competitive — not the best, but competitive — prices.”

The information and insight provided by this mobile commerce research can be seen as an important example for other companies that are seeking to improve their customer satisfaction through smartphone and tablet use. This particular study looked into four key areas in order to assign a score so that the retailers could be ranked. They consisted of content, functionality, merchandise and price.

The report on the study pointed out the importance of making sure that a mobile commerce site seamlessly integrates with all of the other channels. The reason, according to Freed, is that customers don’t simply stick to one channel or another. They don’t think of shopping in such limited terms. Instead, they use them for different purposes. They could be in-store while they compare prices online or check that shop’s inventory, for instance. To provide the best customer satisfaction, all of those different channels must work together.

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