Mobile commerce sales this year should nearly achieve $42 billion

Mobile Commerce sales

eMarketer has released a report predicting that the transactions in the United States alone will be considerable.

Research firm, eMarketer, has released a mobile commerce report that has indicated that transactions through smartphones and tablets across the United States will reach $41.68 billion by the close of 2013.

If the firm is correct in its projection, it would mean that there would be an increase of 68.2 percent over 2012.

The total that was reached last year was an estimated $28.78 billion. The total online retail sales in the United States have been forecasted to reach $262.3 billion in the United States, which would represent a growth over last year of 16.4 percent. This also suggests that mobile commerce transactions will make up 16 percent of the total online sales transactions, this year.

Mobile Commerce salesLast year mobile commerce represented 11 percent of the total online shopping transactions.

eMarketer has also indicated that they feel that the growth of mobile commerce transactions in terms of their percentage of overall online sales is on track to reach 19 percent of all online sales by the end of 2014. This would mean an estimated $56.72 billion will have been transacted over smartphones and tablets by the close of next year.

The report went on to project that mobile commerce will make up 26 percent of the digital retail sales total in the United States in 2017, when they reach $113.57 billion. The firm stated that “eMarketer believes mobile devices contribute to overall commerce sales growth in two ways, both as a driver of total sales, as more consumers make purchases on their smartphones and tablets, and, increasingly, as a shopping research tool, driving consumers into stores or back to desktops where they complete transactions.”

The company pointed out that tablets are having a particularly important impact on the growth of sales over mobile commerce. As a growing number of consumers have started to use these devices for browsing the products that they would like to buy, retailers have been boosting their own efforts to appeal to consumers who are using these devices. This has been accomplished by making the tablet retail sites more responsive and content rich.

The projections from eMarketer have showne that mobile commerce retail sales over tablets, this year, will reach $26.05 billion.

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