Mobile commerce sales to soar in the US this year

mobile commerce usa

Mobile sales to hit new heights throughout the country this year

Mobile commerce sales in the U.S. are expected to reach new highs this year. This is because more people are beginning to take mobile shopping seriously, showing favor for its convenient nature and how accessible shopping online from a mobile device has become. Mobile payment services are becoming more common throughout the country, with many new startups emerging to fight for the support of consumers in the mobile space.

Report estimates that US mobile sales will reach $114 billion

A new report from Forrester Research estimates that mobile sales in the U.S. will reach $114 billion this year. The majority of this growth is expected to come from the increasing number of tablets that are being used as mobile shopping tools. The report predicts that tablets will account for some $76 billion in sales this year, overshadowing the sales performance of smartphones and other mobile devices. Tablets are quickly gaining favor with consumers.


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Tablets are becoming the favored mobile shopping tool among consumers

mobile commerce usaTablets are becoming particularly popular among consumers for numerous reasons. These devices tend to be more technically proficient than smartphones, equipped with better processors and other hardware in general. The large screens of these devices also allow for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Large screens can be manipulated more easily. An enjoyable shopping experience tends to lead to more money being spent by consumers.

Businesses are becoming more involved in the mobile space, looking to benefit from changes in the commerce ecosystem

By 2018, mobile sales are expected to reach $293 billion in the U.S., with total e-commerce sales reaching beyond $400 billion. Consumers are not the only driving force behind mobile commerce, of course, as retailers are also playing a major role in the growth of mobile sales. These retailers have seen the promise that exists in the mobile sector and have taken steps to engage mobile consumers more effectively. Telecommunications companies and financial institutions are also beginning to play a role in mobile payments, hoping to capitalize on the somewhat extreme popularity that has come to surround mobile commerce.

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