Mobile commerce is on the rise in New Zealand

new zealand mobile commerce

New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce throughout New Zealand

Frost & Sullivan has released a new report concerning the New Zealand mobile commerce market. A growing number of consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop online. Many of the country’s retailers are beginning to accommodate these consumers by offering them e-commerce services and allowing them to pay for goods at physical stores using nothing more than a smartphone. Over the coming years, mobile shopping activity throughout New Zealand is expected to spike.

Mobile spending to reach $10 billion by 2019, up from $4 billion this year

According to the report, more than $10 billion in mobile payments will be processed in New Zealand by 2019, up from the $4 billion in payments being processed this year. Travel and financial services currently account for the most activity in the mobile commerce space, with the purchase of physical goods representing $1.2 billion in mobile spending. In the coming years, consumers are expected to begin spending significantly more on entertainment.


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E-books and other digital publications could become the most popular products among mobile consumers in the coming years

new zealand mobile commerceOnline news, magazines, and e-books are likely to see strong growth among mobile consumers. A growing number of people are relying on their mobile devices to consume written content. Many traditional publications are beginning to establish an online presence in order to adapt to changes in consumer behavior and take advantage of mobile commerce. E-books, in particular, are likely to see significant growth in the coming years due to their convenient nature and typically low cost.

Tablets could outpace smartphones when it comes to mobile commerce activity

The report from Frost & Sullivan also highlights the growing popularity of tablet devices in the mobile commerce space. A growing number of consumers are beginning to use these devices as a shopping platform, favoring the larger screens of tablets. These devices may eventually outpace smartphones in regards to mobile commerce activity. For now, however, consumers seem to favor smartphones over other devices when they shop and pay for products online.

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