Mobile commerce revenue at Google Play approaching that of Apple’s App Store

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The earnings from the two different application marketplaces are starting to near par with one another.

The results of a new data analysis have just been released by Distimo, and have suggested that the mobile commerce revenue being brought in by Google Play for Android is experiencing a rapid growth.

This success is indicating that the app revenues from Android devices is approaching that of Apple’s.

Distimo is a trusted mobile commerce app store analytics provider for developers. This firm’s data has, therefore, indicated that the opportunities for developers of Android apps are growing at a faster rate than those for iOS applications. For instance, in November 2012, the Google Play revenue made up only 19 percent of the combined total revenue between that app marketplace and the Apple App store.

Mobile Commerce Apps on smartphoneHowever, the April 2013 mobile commerce data shows that the situation has greatly changed since then.

In April, Distimo recorded that the share of the market increased by 8 percent for Google Play, which brought it to 27 percent of the combined total revenue that the two marketplaces generate. That said, while this is an extremely significant growth, it should also be noted that Apple is still holding onto 73 percent of the combined total revenue for that market, which is a massive mobile commerce dominance.

What the report did note, which was that a new entrant to the market – Amazon – has now made its way into the market space on a broadly international basis. This application store is primed to become a major competitor which could shake the dominance that has been exclusively held by Apple and Google, until now.

According to the new mobile commerce report, “The Amazon Appstore is rapidly becoming more and more competitive with Google Play.” It went on to point out that the number of app s available at the Amazon Appstore has been growing at a considerable rate over the last twelve months, “especially in terms of paid applications where the Amazon Appstore and Google Play are nearly neck and neck in terms of downloads.”

The next few quarters will be defining for this space in mobile commerce as these three major players battle for the largest share of the market.

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