Mobile commerce race currently holds Apple in the lead

ipad vs kindle

ipad vs kindle

Amazon is competition, but it has yet to take first place in this marketplace.

ComScore released its data this month that reveals some surprising progress that has been made in the mobile commerce environment, by showing that Apple was the leader of the market, notably ahead of Amazon.

That said the Kindle Fire is certainly keeping the iPad on the run.

Recent struggles faced by companies such as Facebook or Zynga, which are currently dropping like stones, have led people to believe that the mobile commerce marketplace may have simply been a trend that never arrived at anything. However, the recent study results have shown that smartphones and tablets are playing a much more important role than many people might think.

The comScore mobile commerce statistics have shown the following:

• The online marketplace growth is significantly greater than the current increase in the brick and mortar shops, which saw rises by 15 percent and 2 percent significantly in this year’s second quarter.

• Also in the second quarter, 9 percent of all online purchases came from a smartphone or tablet. A couple of years ago at the same time, that portion was only 2 percent. ComScore pointed out in their report that tablet ownership played an important role in these increases.

• Tablet owners are more engaged in mobile commerce than smartphone owners. Thirty nine percent of tablet owners bought something using their mobile devices in July, compared to 18 percent of smartphone owners. This trend is the same between tablets and smartphones when it comes to price comparisons and product research.

• Virtually every measurement that has to do with mobile commerce behaviors – including the purchases that are actually completed – iPad owners proved to be far more engaged in the experience than owners of the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon.

Apple’s goal is now to be able to create better conversions out of this significantly larger engagement, than what has already been accomplished. Being able to compete with Amazon and continue to lead the mcommerce race relies on careful strategy and, potentially, a growth in important retail partnerships.

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