Smart technology is making domestic abuse harder to escape, say advocates

Smart technology - domestic abuse

Smartphones, connected vehicles, and other commonly used gadgets are increasing some risks. Anti-violence experts are cautioning that current smart technology devices such as smartphones and connected vehicles are making it harder for victims of domestic abuse to escape. These experts have stated that tech is increasingly being used as a part of domestic abuse. Smart technology such as home devices, smartphones, vehicles and others are becoming some of the most commonly used tools used by domestic abusers. “Methods that are sort of presented as advances in technology, whether it’s a…

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Merriam-Webster has purchased the Quordle game

Quordle game - Place an order online

The company will add the challenging Wordle clone to its considerable array of word puzzles. The Quordle game is far from the only Wordle clone out there, but this one just got snatched up by Merriam-Webster, which is adding it to its substantial word quiz and puzzle offerings. Fittingly, this particular version is more complex and challenging than the original Wordle. The Quordle game requires you to simultaneously complete four different Wordle-like challenges. These are all worked into a single large grid. Each guess made is applied to all four…

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Western social apps on the cusp of mobile commerce explosion

Mobile commerce - Shopping - Western World

The trend has already taken off at full force in China, and the West is primed for the same. Social media mobile commerce trends have already taken off in China, and apps like TikTok are pushing to take this boom into the Western world as well. These applications have seen the opportunity and are now seeking to build a massive new market. Consumers in China spent a massive $208 billion on the Douyin app alone – a mobile commerce application owned by the same company as TikTok, ByteDance. That app,…

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The State of the Internet of Things in 2023

internet of things

The State of the Internet of Things in 2023 with each other seemed the next logical step after the explosion of the internet and improvements in both internet speeds and reliability. This reality has not panned out yet, and it might seem that it is doomed. But is it, or have we achieved what we sought to do without realizing it?  Big Challenges The biggest challenges to IoT lie in what it intended to do. To ensure the connected world it envisioned, we need to deploy a high level of…

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Investing in Crypto is Simple and Quick Thanks to Binance Bots

crypto tech

Investing in crypto is simple and quick thanks to Binance trading bots. The bots are easy to set up and use. They allow you to copy strategies from experienced traders. They also allow you to set a stop loss and take profit in one trade.  There are various types of Binance bot. Each bot is different from the other. These bots are based on different types of algorithm. Some are based on cold hard data. They use algorithms that analyze price volatility and determine returns. They do not have emotions…

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