Canadian Apple Batterygate lawsuit settlement is approved

Batterygate - settlement - Canada Money - Apple

The iPhone maker has agreed to pay between $11.1 million and $14.4 million to affected customers. Apple has officially agreed to pay an amount between $11.1 million and $14.4 million to settle a Batterygate class action lawsuit in Canada. The company continues to deny allegations While Apple does not admit wrongdoing, it has agreed to settle the lawsuit against it. It will be paying somewhere between $17.50 and $150 to each eligible customer in Canada. The amount paid out will depend on the number of affected customers who make a…

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Apple changes its mind on the App Store EU Epic Games ban

App Store - Rewind - EU

The iPhone maker has reversed its decision to cut off the Fortnite maker in the European Union Apple has quite suddenly changed its mind with regards to its choice to ban Fortnite maker Epic Games from launching a competing platform to the App Store in Europe. The decision change occurred one day after the EU announced an investigation Officials from the European Union had only just announced that they were starting an investigation into the App Store competition battle when Apple changed directions.   This move represented the first serious…

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QR codes in Sri Lanka add traceability to clothing brands

QR codes - Sri Lanka Flag - Apparel

The South Asian nation is working on making the barcodes a regular part of the apparel industry. Clothing companies in Sri Lanka have been adding traceability QR codes to their products as a part of an effort to comply with new legal changes that are expected to be rolled out throughout the fashion industry in years to come. Transparency and traceability are critical Manufacturers throughout Sri Lanka are teaming up with Global Language of Business (GS1), the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to place…

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Apple rumored to be skipping spring mobile devices event

Mobile devices - Apple Rumors

Instead, the iPhone maker is reportedly aiming to make more subtle product announcements If there’s one thing many people feel they can rely on the most when it comes to Apple mobile devices, it’s that there will be a large spring press event to launch new products. That said, this might not be the case in 2024. It appears that Apple doesn’t intend to hold the event this year A recent Power On newsletter by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has stated that Apple isn’t intending to hold its large spring…

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Cloud storage class action lawsuit proposed against Apple in California

Cloud storage - Lawsuit - Apple

The complaint suggests that the iPhone maker has rigged a monopoly for its various iOS devices A proposed class action lawsuit has been filed in a northern California court against Apple regarding the way it has established and is maintaining its cloud storage choice for its iOS-based devices, according to a recent Bloomberg Law report. The complaint was filed accusing the iPhone maker of unfair conditions The report described the class action complaint as accusing Apple of establishing an unfair environment in which it ensures that iCloud remains the main…

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