Mobile commerce pilot project launched in Malaysia

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Mobile Commerce

Touch ‘n Go to raise awareness of mobile commerce in Malaysia

Mobile commerce is beginning to grow in Malaysia, where mobile payment company Touch ‘n Go has launched a new pilot program. The program is designed to introduce consumers to mobile commerce over the course of the next two months. The company’s contactless payment cards, which are associated with the pilot project, will be used for the country’s public transportation system. The cards will also be able to facilitate payments at restaurants and movie theaters.

Mobile commerce continues to gain ground with consumers

Mobile commerce continues to grow around the world, especially in countries where the mobile technology penetration is high. Mobile commerce relies heavily on NFC technology, which is becoming more widely available. The technology is capable of turning mobile devices into payment platforms. The technology has been seeing a great deal of use in the financial sector, where banks and credit companies use it for payment cards.

Project expected to make consumers more comfortable with NFC services

Touch ‘n Go expects that the pilot project will help people become more comfortable with the prospect of making mobile payments. The company has invested more than $156,000 to develop its NFC-based services in preparation for the launching of the mobile commerce project. While ensuring that mobile commerce establishes itself as a prominent part in the lives of consumers may be a slow process, the company believes that it is possible for Malaysia to become one of the most active markets in the mobile commerce industry.

Continued work to raise awareness could encourage consumers to participate in mobile commerce more readily

Touch ‘n Go is one of the several companies currently working to raise awareness of mobile commerce. Awareness has been one of the most important challenges to overcome in the industry, behind security and infrastructure. As consumers grow more familiar with NFC-based services, it is expected that they will begin participating in mobile commerce more readily.

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