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m-commerce top 10

mobile commerce top 10The company has made its way into the coveted leading positions for the first time.

Keynote systems has released the results of its weekly Mobile Commerce Performance Index, and has made it into the top 10 list for the very first time.

That said, Keynote does say that the site still has a lot of room to improve.

According to the mobile commerce performance results that were registered by Keynote for the website, the load time was an average of 5.96 seconds. This means that the online retailer was able to reduce its loading time enough that it could finally make a significant improvement to its score on the index.

The mobile commerce score that it received is the highest that it has ever had.

In fact, it was significant enough to move its mobile commerce ranking on Keynote’s index, from its previous position in 11th place, all the way up to the 8th spot. Being on this top ten list is a notable achievement and is a highly coveted one among online retailers who are trying to reach smartphone and tablet consumers.

Two weeks ago, the average load time for the mobile commerce website was 6.26 seconds. It was capable of achieving successful loading 99.25 percent of the time. This gave the company an index score of 777 (out of a possible 1,000 points). Last week, the load time had been reduced significantly, bringing it down to 5.96. It successful loading occurred 99.45 percent of the time. This skyrocketed its index score to 864.

The company is a Rakuten Inc. subsidiary. That parent company is from Japan, and it worked very hard to reduce the number of timeout errors that were causing unsuccessful loads and a longer average time. That said, according to Keynote Systems, the site is still capable of making more changes in order to improve its mobile commerce performance. This was particularly true in terms of its overall average load time. Keynote said that if it reduced its 17 HTTP requests to the server to a number lower than 10, it would mean considerable improvements.

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