Mobile commerce performance by Dick’s Sporting Goods yo-yos from week to week

Mobile Commerce - Dick's Sporting Goods

The retailer has been drawing some significant attention to itself, of late, but its mcommerce results are inconsistent.

When it comes to solid mobile commerce performance, every fraction of a second counts, and this message has never been more clear than in the example of the smartphone friendly website from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

According to the mcommerce statistics from Keynote Systems, Dick’s has not been all that consistent.

The importance of consistent strong performance in mobile commerce retail websites is very important. Even part of a second can make the difference between making a sale and improving customer loyalty, or sending a consumer to the competition because their site performs better. The better a site performs, the greater the odds that it will produce solid revenues.

The websites within the mobile commerce performance index from Keynote must always improve to reach the lead.

Mobile Commerce - Dick's Sporting GoodsDuring the week that ended on March 9, the Keynote index reported that Dick’s Sporting Goods achieved a rank of 20 out of a possible 30 retail mcommerce websites. Its response time was long at 11.77 seconds, while its success rate was good at 99.48 percent. Its page size was relatively heavy at 971 kilobytes, with 37 different elements. This earned the site a score of 601 out of a possible 1000.

Comparatively, during that same week, the top site was, which had a perfect score of 1000, with a response time of 2.19 seconds, a 100 percent success rate, a tiny page size of 62 kilobytes, and 7 different page elements to load. This shows that a small number of seconds can make all the difference in the performance of a site on the mobile web.

Among the top competitors for Dick’s on the Index is Sports Authority, which held the fourth place during that week, with a score of 868, an average load time of 5.64 seconds, and a success rate of 99.82 percent.

What is notable about the mobile commerce website performance of Dick’s Sporting Goods is that during the previous index report, for the week ending on February 23, the retailer had been in the 14th position, with a score of 670, a response time of 10.73 seconds, and a success rate of 99.84. This shows that even a tiny fraction of a second and a sliver of a percentage point define the winners in mcommerce.

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