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Mobile commerce gap between iOS and Android is growing

In the race to dominate U.S.  mobile web traffic the latest report released by Piper Jaffray is showing Apple’s iOS platform is still the popular pick over Google’s Android based devices as the gap  between the two widens. 

Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, monitored several of the most popular article and social sites in order to collect the data, coming to the conclusion that the iphone user is just more apt to engage on a daily basis. 

Also adding that the research showed iOS tablets are the true traffic generators of mobile commerce traffic over smartphones, predicting the iOs platform will hold its lead until the close of 2013. 

Social media marketing could be reaching the saturation point

 A new social media marketing report from Mindshare is showing a new saturation point within the next two years for advertisers and marketers. 

Large amounts of consumer data is revealing that mobile is quickly becoming the new media in which companies will need to target and engage customers due to the social media marketing space becoming increasingly swamped. 

The report goes on to say that more and more money is being spent  on accumulating “fans” but that only 10 percent of the users will actually return to a page after they have “liked it”, thus opening the door for mobile. 

NFC technology metro fare to be accepted in India 

Chennai Metro Rail Limited company in India has just announced that it will be adding NFC technology to its systems so that mobile payments can be accepted to pay for transportation fare. 

This new mass transit system which is currently being built has decided to incorporate the technology in hopes to speed up boarding and shorten line times. 

The new rail system should be completed in 2015 and the new mobile payments system will be managed by the State Bank of India, allowing consumers to refill their mobile pre-paid accounts. Channai is home to over 4.6  million people.

 Augmented reality glasses adds Baidu to the competition 

Baidu, the largest search engine service in China has revealed that it is currently testing “Baidu Eye”, its own version of augmented reality glasses, this being the first notice of the company throwing their hat into the AR technology ring. 

Although Google’s, Project Glass, has been taking all of the headlines related to augmented reality glasses it still doesn’t appear that Baidu is attempting to produce a headset that will offer Google some direct competition.

The rumors have been confirmed by a spokesperson from Baidu and it appears these new glasses will feature facial recognition, bone conducting audio, voice, control, and image search. No word on a release date or whether they will even hit the commercial market.

QR codes may help save print

The print industry has taken several blows within the last 5 years, mainly due to mobile technology replacing books, magazines and newspapers but there may be salvation on the horizon.

By taking technology, the main competition of the industry, and using it to its advantage, Publications International is managing to turn it around with QR codes printed in their new line of, “smart books”.

The codes can be scanned and linked to videos, puzzles and engaging digital content for young readers, bringing in a new era for the industry.

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