Mobile commerce may revolutionize transactions

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Smart phone may change the way people purchase goods

Smart phones may be poised to take over the world of commerce thanks to NFC technology. The technology has made it possible for these mobile devices to be used as payment platforms for goods and services. Though NFC-enabled smart phones are still in low supply, the demand for these devices is becoming larger as consumers become more exposed to mobile commerce. With mobile commerce becoming more established, smart phones may soon change the way people make transactions.

Large companies continue to show favor for mobile commerce systems

Large companies like Starbucks and Google have shown interest in mobile commerce. The former recently launched a system that allows customers to make purchases using their mobile devices, while the latter has created a platform to facilitate these payments. Apple has also expressed interest in mobile commerce, though the technology company has opted for a slow and steady approach to the industry due to security concerns regarding NFC technology.

Security may be the most significant issue facing NFC technology and new commerce

Security has become a major concern for those in the mobile commerce industry. Google has experienced criticism for the security faults present in the initial launches of its mobile payment platform, Google Wallet. NFC technology is suggested to be the root of the problem, with some security enthusiasts claiming that it is riddled with faults that make it vulnerable to attack. The companies involved in mobile commerce are taking these concerns seriously, with many taking measures to ensure the information of consumers is protected accordingly.

Consumers show interest for mobile commerce despite security concerns

Despite security concerns, consumers have expressed a great deal of interest in mobile commerce. This interest has created demand for new commerce systems. As these commerce systems become more widely used and more well established, they may make traditional forms of commerce obsolete. Technology enthusiasts believe that electronic currency will eventually replace physical forms of currency, whether they are credit cards or bank notes. This, in and of itself, may present some complications in the world of commerce that have not yet been fully examined.

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