Mobile commerce may account for half of online sales by the end of this year

mobile commerce and NFC technology

Retailers are feeling the need to embrace mobile consumers more aggressively

Retailers throughout the world have taken note of the promise that exists in the mobile space and many have begun making moves to be make themselves more attractive to consumers with mobile devices. Mobile commerce has once been considered a temporary phenomenon that would eventually lose momentum and become nothing more than a gimmick that consumers appreciate from time to time. Now, however, consumers have shown that they adore mobile commerce, and retailers are feeling the need to accommodate this adoration or risk losing relevance with these consumers.

Survey shows that e-commerce professionals have high hopes for mobile shopping

IMRG, a market research firm, has released the results of its latest e-Retail Survey. The survey shows that 11% of e-commerce professionals believe that more than half of all online sales will come from mobile devices by the end of this year. This is a significant increase over the 4% of e-commerce professionals that believed mobile sales would play a major role in the retail industry in 2013. The survey highlights the growing importance that mobile is establishing in multichannel retail.

Consumers are using their mobile devices to shop more frequently

mobile commerce and NFC technology The survey highlights the fact that many retailers are beginning to focus heavily on mobile commerce and mobile-centric consumers. Approximately three-quarters of multichannel retailers now have mobile-optimized websites that allow them to provide mobile consumers with a more enjoyable shopping experience. IMRG notes that a growing number of consumers are using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products and a popular trend among these consumers is using their devices to compare prices on products offered by numerous retailers in order to find the best deal.

The retail industry is becoming more mobile-centric

The retail industry, as a whole, has taken a strong interest in mobile commerce and many companies plan to continue increasing their engagement of mobile consumers in the coming years. Retailers were exposed to the potential possibilities of success in the mobile space during the 2013 holiday season. During the holidays, many retailers saw a dramatic rise in mobile traffic to their e-commerce sites, with mobile sales skyrocketing.

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