Mobile commerce and marketing organization expanding into North America

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Proxama has announced plans to expand into the North American market

Proxama, a leading mobile marketing firm, has announced that it will be expanding its global reach by launching new operations in North America. Demand for effective mobile marketing services has been on the rise among businesses throughout North America. These businesses are looking to engage with mobile consumers more effectively, and Proxama aims to satisfy this demand with the services that it provides.

Company’s mobile platforms may become powerful tools for businesses

Over the past few years, Proxama has managed to establish a strong position in the marketing and mobile commerce space. The company’s proximity engagement and loyalty platform, TapPoint, and its mobile payments platform, CardGateway, have managed to find significant traction in many sectors. These platforms are used by companies like Barclaycard, Tesco, Starbucks, and Guinness to engage with mobile consumers in a more dynamic fashion. These platforms could be quite useful to companies operating in North America.


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Bluetooth and NFC technology to receive more focus from Proxama in the coming years

tablet mobile commerceProxama plans to focus more heavily on Bluetooth and NFC technology in the future. These two technologies have become very powerful in the mobile commerce space, with many mobile payment platforms based heavily on NFC. Proxama has experience in engaging consumers using NFC technology for its loyalty programs and has leveraged Bluetooth technology to give consumers the ability to place orders at restaurants before they arrive.

Mobile commerce continues to see strong growth in North America

Mobile commerce has been growing quickly in North America, but relatively few companies are prepared to engage mobile consumers in any significant way. Some businesses see mobile spending as nothing more than a passing novelty, while others are willing to dive into the mobile space aggressively, but lack the tools needed to do so. Companies like Proxama can add further momentum to the growth of mobile commerce with the services that they provide. Proxama may soon become a very popular name among North American businesses if it can find the traction it needs in the market.

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