Mobile commerce loses some friction as CorFire and Payfone offer new merchant solution

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Mobile Commerce

These new m-commerce opportunities will help to enhance customer experience and drive revenue.

Industry leading expert in smartphone technology, CorFire, has partnered with remote mobile commerce company, Payfone, to integrate their merchant solutions to create a strong opportunity for merchants.

It will bring together CorFire’s mobile wallet app with the remote m-commerce solution from Payfone.

The end product is designed to create a frictionless experience for merchants to offer to their customers, so that purchases can be made quickly and safely, without risk to the overall consumer experience or security.

The mobile wallet application is notably improved with the inclusion of Payfone’s mobile commerce solutions, as it helps merchants to benefit from easy implementation and a much faster user registration process. This solution doesn’t require backend systems to be changed, nor are new payment marks required. Furthermore, it is unnecessary for customers to have to download or install the app in order to use it, which means that companies that use it won’t have a significant hurdle between the customer and the sale. According to the companies in this partnership, this improves customer loyalty and increases conversion.

According to the CorFire CMO, Jon Squire, “By integrating Payfone’s technology with CorFire’s mobile offerings, we streamline mobile commerce for the retailer and provide a secure channel for consumers to fully leverage mobile.” He added that this way of functioning removes the time consuming process of entering account data, and makes certain of the end user’s legitimacy on the smartphone on which the application is being installed.

Consumer frustration is one of the main issues that could hold back mobile commerce conversion rates.

By eliminating the lengthy, confusing, or frustrating processes involved in making a purchase, it will help merchants to overcome the barriers to conversion and help them to take a larger portion of the $2.5 billion that the market is expected to be worth by 2014.

CorFire and Payfone believe that their mobile commerce app will be frictionless, and will therefore achieve precisely this goal, so that mobile shoppers will have a much smoother and more seamless experience as they are assured of the security of their transactions.

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