Mobile commerce is the missing link for the multitasker in us all!

M-Commerce Works for the Busy Everyday Life

M-Commerce Works for the Busy Everyday Life

Mobile phones have become more than just a phone; for most people, they are a lifeline. Our mobile devices are our personal assistants; they help us to stay in touch, keep appointments, and get real-time news on events going on in the world. Mobile devices can, and will, also play huge roles in business commerce.

We are a society on the move, and we have integrated almost every bit of our lives into our mobile devices. We keep in touch with our family and friends, do our work, and surf the web; all with our mobile phones. Developers have created ways for our phones to connect to the physical world, connect to each other, and even exchange data and make payments.

Yet, it seems like we are in this “hold” pattern, in regard to using our devices for mobile commerce (m-commerce). Most of us have been led to believe that m-commerce technology costs too much to install, there are too many platforms to support, or that we would need to set up another entire system and hire more people to use it. These things are simply not true.

 There are all ready several inexpensive tools that can be used by businesses to boost their mobile presence. QR codes are efficient and inexpensive to develop. Customers can scan the code with their Smartphone and be linked to coupons, product information, or your web site. Near Field Communication, Real Time Inventory, SMS (text messaging) and automated calling are all options to connect your business to the consumer.

Mobile commerce needs to be fully combined with internet commerce; the same way business commerce was brought to life through the internet. Technology for mobile devices has grown at a rapid pace and will continue to grow for some time.

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