Mobile commerce is speeding up and nearing $1 trillion

Mobile commerce Trends

Mobile commerce shopping TrendsEven as this level is approached, mcommerce continues to grow at an increasing rate.

With every new holiday season, a new shopping trend is identified, and mobile commerce was by far the top player in this year’s most important factors that were used by both companies and especially by consumers.

On Black Friday, many consumers preferred to stay home and shop for sales from smartphones and tablets.

This allowed them to comparison shop more effectively, and to avoid the lineups and crowds that are synonymous with the day. This continued right through the weekend until Cyber Monday became the icing on the cake.

From online shopping to smartphone payments, mobile commerce and its role has exploded this year.

Mobile commerce websites and apps have seen more action this year than ever before, and even wallets and other payments through these devices have been used more than ever – though their growth has not increased quite as quickly.

This year brought about a mobile commerce experience that was completely unprecedented. It took off and continued to hold its strength over the weeks following Thanksgiving. According to the Mobile Marketing Association’s data, both PayPal and eBay experienced an increase in smartphone and tablet shopping as well as payment volumes that was three times greater than the same time last year.

Moreover, half of all consumers with a capable device intended to make a purchase that in some way applied mobile commerce, such as through an app, website, or point of sale. This season has proven what had been suspected over the preceding months, that retail and shopping would be redefined through the use of smartphones and tablets this year.

Consumers, small businesses, and massive retailers alike are rediscovering what the shopping experience is all about. Businesses are discovering that consumers now expect to have all of the information they require, right at their fingertips, and are finding out that it is up to them to provide that information through mobile commerce means. Failing to do so risks causing them to fall behind the competition, which could be a detrimental mistake in the current fast paced and yet still recovering economy.

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