Mobile commerce is on the rise

mobile commerce

mobile commerce

One quarter of shoppers use smartphones and tablets for their online buying experience.

A recent survey of consumers in the United States has shown that 25 percent of users of smartphones and tablets take part in mobile commerce as the exclusive channel by which they do their online shopping.

The survey was performed by an Ohio based company called Biginsight.

What it discovered was that consumers are increasingly forming a complete dependency on their tablets and their smartphones in order to complete many activities in their lives, including shopping, but also conducting searches and checking email. All of this is done without ever booting up a single laptop or desktop computer.

According to the Biginsight consumer insights director, Pamela J. Goodfellow, retailers in the online market will need to alter their perspective so that it includes a focus on consumers who are exclusively using the mobile commerce marketplace.

She explained that “The takeaway for retailers is that their marketing strategies will have to be very nimble in order to keep up with the changing usage patterns and needs of mobile owners.”

Goodfellow pointed out that video is an important way to capture a mobile commerce audience.

She shared that advertising by using video content for smartphone and tablet consumers sets a brand apart from an onslaught of other advertising in the form of pop-ups, banners, and drab emails with which these shoppers are already deluged every day. Videos, according to Goodfellow, are the only form of advertising that is consistently grabbing the attention of the user in an effective, relevant way.

Moreover, videos are not considered to be a nuisance in mobile commerce.

As consumers use their devices exclusively for the tasks that they used to perform with print media, television, and the internet, those other forms are all gradually becoming outdated. This should show retailers and other merchants that mobile commerce is an inevitability and must be understood and catered to in order to be able to remain successful. It also indicates that ignoring this trend could be a fast path to limiting successes or even ensuring that a brand or company fails.

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