Mobile commerce is now Groupon’s main focus

Groupon Mobile commerce

The daily deals site has announced that it is now primarily a site for smartphone and tablet users.

Groupon has just recently released its second quarter sales report and has revealed that it is performing better than expected, and that it is mobile commerce that can take the credit for this achievement.

Although it started off as a site for desktop and laptop users, a growing number of wireless device shoppers are using it.

The popular daily deals site has announced that nearly half of the North American Groupon transactions are currently being driven by mobile commerce, which is a massive increase over last summer, when that figure was 30 percent. They have managed to tap into a rapidly growing market to be able to ride that wave forward in a very practical and successful way.

Groupon Mobile commerceAs a result of mobile commerce, the company is reporting the best ever quarter in North America.

The new CEO of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky, stated that the company “delivered our strongest quarter ever in North America, due in part to accelerated billings growth of 30 percent”. He also added that “With two quarters on the job, I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in such a short time,” and that “We continue to gain traction in mobile, with nearly 50 percent of our North American transactions coming from mobile in June. To date, more than 50 million people have downloaded Groupon apps worldwide.”

The CEO explained that Groupon is rapidly becoming the very first among the ecommerce giants to become a primarily mobile commerce organization. According to Lefkofsky, they are currently preparing themselves to take that role as a the first among the large scale online shopping organizations that has redirected its focus to smartphones and tablets instead of laptops and desktops.

He pointed out that to Groupon, mobile commerce is an experience that provides consumers with everything that they could ever want to buy, no matter where they are, all at the touch of a finger. Moreover, it’s available on devices that the majority of consumers bring everywhere that they go. He compared it to having a virtual shopping mall at all times in your pocket.

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