Mobile commerce is more engaging to iPhone users

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These device owners use their smartphones for shopping far more than Android users.

The latest mobile commerce survey has indicated that when it comes to shopping through the use of a smartphone, the iPhone is leading the way, being used for this purpose far more heavily than Android phone users.

This research shows that Apple smartphone users make far more purchases over their devices than Android users.

The study was performed by Forrester Research and indicated that 69 percent of American iPhone users had used their devices for making purchases. This mobile commerce survey involved the participation of 53,427 adults in the United States, aged 18 and older and who have a minimum of one cell phone that they actively use.

Mobile CommerceAndroid users came in second to iPhone users, shopping over their devices in 53 percent of the time.

After Android, the next mobile commerce users were BlackBerry, among whom 35 percent shopped over their devices. Among Windows Phone users, 32 percent shopped over their smartphones.

According to the mobile commerce research, iPhone owners use their smartphones for performing product research and price comparisons more than they actually complete the transactions, themselves. Eighty six percent of iPhone owners research their purchases over their devices. Among Android owners, 76 percent conduct their research over their devices, while 57 percent of BlackBerry owners do so and 47 percent of Windows owners do.

Data from the 2013 Internet Retailer Mobile 400 has also indicated that consumers are using mobile commerce for making purchases on a growing basis. For instance, smartphone purchases among the leading 50 merchants in the Mobile 400 (which ranks businesses based on those sales), rose by approximately 100 percent last year, bringing them to $10.57 billion, from having been $5.27 billion in 2011.

This latest research from Forrester also indicated that businesses are, at a growing rate, recognizing the importance of investing in mobile commerce. Thirty two percent of online business professionals who took part in a Forrester survey intend to spent a minimum of $1 million on this channel, in 2013, compared to the 24 percent who intended to spend that much in 2012. Those figures are based on a survey of 145 business professionals.

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