Mobile commerce is growing dramatically throughout the world

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New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in the UK and elsewhere

Criteo, an advertising specialist based in Europe, has released a new report that highlights the ascension of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. For the past few years, consumers have begun to favor shopping for products with their mobile devices rather than visit physical stores. While traditional stores remain important to the vast majority of consumers, a growing number of people are opting to purchase products online using nothing more than their smartphones and tablets.

44% of all e-commerce purchases are made through mobile devices

The report from Criteo shows that 44% of all e-commerce transactions in the United Kingdom are now made through smartphones. By the end of this year, 45% of all e-commerce purchases are expected to be made over mobile devices. The report also predicts that 40% of all e-commerce transactions made throughout the world are expected to be made through mobile devices by the end of 2015. The report notes that mobile commerce is also growing quickly in other parts of the world, with mobile transactions rising by 10% over a three-month period in the United States.

More consumers are shopping from their mobile devices

mobile commerce shoppingAccording to the report, consumers are browsing through the same amount of products on their mobile devices as they do on their desktop and laptop computers. Though mobile commerce is showing impressive growth, sales are not growing as quickly as some analysts had predicted. This is because retailers are having some difficulty in converting mobile browsing into complete sales. This typically has to do with the mobile experience, as poor retail experiences cause mobile consumers to abandon their purchases before they can be finalized.

Japan and South Korea lead in terms of mobile transactions

The report notes that the United Kingdom is the ranked third globally based on mobile transactions. Japan and South Korea currently lead the world in regards to mobile transactions. These countries are considered advanced e-commerce markets, with consumers being quite comfortable with the concept of shopping for products online and using their mobile devices to purchase these products.

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