Mobile commerce is clearly on its way up

Mobile Commerce News

Mobile Commerce News

A recent Digital Marketer post provided an analysis of the latest stats.

Marketing industry online leader, Digital Marketer, has just published a post from Josh Loposer, its managing editor, which looked more deeply into the latest knowledge regarding the upward trend of mobile commerce.

The heart of the publication was that businesses that optimize for smartphones are given an advantage.

Loposer explained this claim by showing that as such a large number of browsers are operating from smartphones nowadays, businesses that make sure that their websites are mobile commerce friendly and fully accessible to the capabilities of those smaller devices have given themselves a notable advantage over the competition that has failed to do so.

Loposer stated that mobile commerce now represents one in eight visits to websites.

In his post, he explained that “Mobile users now account for 1 in every 8 web visits, according to analytics giant comScore. And if you believe that ratio is going anywhere other than straight through the roof, you’re crazy.”

He also quoted statistics provided by Practical eCommerce, which showed that nearly 70 percent of that online traffic is specifically from smartphones. However, he did go on to say that as much as we are all coming to recognize the enormity of mobile commerce, many businesses have done little to nothing to ensure that their websites will become more accessible to users of smartphones and tablets. He pointed out that “It’s so dumb… and we know it too.”

Loposer looked into the research conducted by StrangeLoop Networks, and said that according to the reports from that firm, there is another interesting opportunity that is lost by online businesses that do not take mobile commerce seriously enough to do something about it. The statistics from StrangeLoop show that 33 percent of businesses online do not have a version of their websites ready that will be compatible with mobile devices, particularly not for tablets. Loposer’s take on this was “That’s just leaving money on the table.”

It is clear that mobile commerce is rapidly on the rise, and with every passing day that businesses fail to include themselves in that channel, they are leaving money behind and losing tremendous opportunities.

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