Mobile commerce is changing the retail industry

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerce

Report shows that mobile shoppers are becoming more common in physical stores

InReality, a market research firm, has released a new report that shows that mobile technology is beginning to have a major impact on physical stores. The advent of mobile commerce has changed the way that people shop for products, both online and in physical stores. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with mobile shopping and are participating in mobile commerce more frequently. What this means for physical retailers is not entirely certain, but these companies are beginning to feel pressure to embrace mobile technology or be left behind by consumers.

75% of consumers use their mobile devices while shopping

According to the report from InReality, approximately 75% of consumers use their mobile devices while shopping in physical stores. Many of these people use their devices to search for products and information, while other use their devices to find better deals, which may be offered by competing retailers. The report shows that 25% of consumers shopping in a physical store use their mobile device to make a purchase while they are in the store. Such purchases are typically made for products that are out of stock.

Mobile consumers are using their smartphones to aid them in shopping

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerceMobile devices are also becoming very important shopping aids for consumers. The report shows that only 12% of shoppers consider sales associated to be important, showing more favor for their mobile devices, even at the time of checkout.  Loyalty programs are also becoming more important to consumers, with 46% of shoppers claiming that such programs have a significant influence on their purchase decisions.

Mobile commerce continues to have a significant impact on the retail space

Mobile commerce is having a major impact on the retail industry. Many retailers are beginning to feel the pressure to adopt mobile commerce services in order to better engage consumers in ways that are more dynamic. Enjoyable services have proven that they can secure the loyalty of mobile consumers, whom are more likely to drift from retailer to retailer, brand to brand, in order to find what they want.

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