Mobile commerce infrastructure launched in Singapore

Singapore Mobile Commerce

Singapore Mobile Commerce

Singapore announces the launch of NFC services and mobile commerce infrastructure

Singapore is ready to launch its NFC services as the country’s work to develop its mobile commerce infrastructure reaches completion. The nation has been working on ensuring its mobile commerce infrastructure is well prepared for extensive use. Efforts to establish and develop the infrastructure and its various NFC services were led by Gemalto, a consortium comprised of Citibank, DBS, and EZ-Link, as well as the country’s leading telecommunications companies. The official launce of Singapore’s NFC services includes three types of service that are designed to cater to particular types of consumers.

Three NFC services introduced

The three NFC services launched this week include credit, prepaid, and stored-value payment modes. Each of the services will be available to every NFC-enabled mobile device that is currently active in the country. More than 30,000 retail points will support mobile payments that fall under the three payment modes. The availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices in Singapore is currently low, with Sony and Samsung boasting of the holding the majority of the market. New mobile devices are expected to be released in the coming months in order to support the launch of the country’s new NFC services.

Mobile commerce infrastructure comes as the result of NFC trials held in Singapore

Singapore has been examining the use of NFC technology and how it can be applied to mobile commerce since 2007. In the wake of NFC trials that were held in 2009, the Singapore government announced that it would facilitate the development of a mobile commerce infrastructure. The work done thereafter is beginning to come to fruition, as evidenced in the country’s introduction of its new NFC services.

Country shows commitment to the continued development of its mobile commerce infrastructure

Singapore’s past trials with NFC technology and mobile commerce have produced a wealth of data that will not go to waste. The country is using the information and experience it has attained through its various trials to establish its newfound infrastructure. The country plans to continue developing and improving this infrastructure, adding more NFC services in the future.


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