Mobile commerce helps power growth of clothing sales in Europe

europe Mobile phone Commerce News

Clothing has become the most purchased physical product in many European countries

Research firm yStats has released a new report concerning digital commerce in Europe. The report notes that clothing has become the most purchase physical product in many European countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. In some countries, clothing stands out as having the highest sales volume of any other product category and this category represents the majority of cross-border purchases being made on the Internet. The report also notes that mobile commerce has helped make this possible.

Retailers are launching strategies designed to connect with mobile consumers

Retailers have begun to focus more heavily on the mobile space, launching new strategies that are designed to engage a new generation of consumers. These consumers have become very reliant on their smartphones and tablets, using these devices for just about everything in their daily lives. Shopping from a mobile devices is often seen as more convenient, and retailers have begun to launch services that take advantage of this convenience for the benefit of their customers. Mobile commerce is, therefore, flourishing in Europe.

Report highlights trends in European countries where mobile commerce is thriving

europe Mobile Commerce NewsThe report from yStats notes that consumers often compare prices for certain products while shopping online and off. This trend is particularly common in Germany and the United Kingdom. In the UK, consumers are using their mobile devices to shop for clothes, taking advantage of click-and-collect services that are being offered by retailers. Notably, the United Kingdom is ranked as having one of the largest shares of online shoppers that have purchased clothing through a mobile device, falling slightly behind countries in Asia.

Retailers are likely to become more active in the mobile space

The growing prominence of mobile commerce is likely to continue impacting the way retailers engage consumers. More retailers may adopt new strategies to connect with consumers that are using their smartphones and tablets to shop. They are also likely to begin supporting mobile payments in physical-stores, which has been growing in demand among consumers.

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